About Us

How we got started


Back in 2002 Jason and his youngest brother started talking about this new hobby of homebrewing. Since they lived in different cities, all they did was talk about it. Being overly intrigued in the pursuit of great beer, he learned all he could. It was a fast evolution from the extract brews he started with to the all grain process that is now used. Over the years, Jason has molded his craft into the wonderful beers he makes now. He has made beer styles in almost every category, even some that won't fit into normal styles. In 2010 he met his soul mate, Kelly,  who shares the same love for beer and brewing that Jason does. The couple started MadCow Brewing Co. as a side project in hopes of growing the business to a great local brewery. 

Why the name MadCow Brewing...


Growing up on a dairy farm, Jason was surrounded by all types of cows, even angry ones.  Occasionally, you would shout, "That's one Mad Cow"... and the name stuck and early on during his homebrewing days, Jason called his brews MadCow! 


Just so happens that Kelly has loved cows her entire life so calling their brewery anything else just wouldn't fit them!!

Tap Room..??


Right now we are a production only brewery, but we are looking into opening a tap room soon, but until then check out the "Find our Beer" tab to see where you can enjoy a pint or pick up some bottles/cans.